Shipping information for all customers

Anubeion Creations is a small business that has one single artisan, and does not have a “ready made” inventory of products or a factory. Each product is made by hand, custom made and personalized for the specific customer and their needs. Every customer and everything made for that customer gets individualized attention and a special product made just for them, versus an unpersonalized product sitting on a shelf.

Therefore, depending on the size of the order, the specific needs of the customer, and the current number of orders/customers served, shipping time can be varied, and can be up to 8 weeks. Shipping times for Anubeion Creations can average from 4-8 weeks, which is standard for small, family owned and operated businesses with one employee.

We are not a “big box” store that has impersonal/generic/mass produced items sitting on a shelf waiting to be put in a shipping container. We believe in the intrinsic value of making personalized, artisan created, and magically charged, products that are named for the customer who ordered them, with their specific needs. We understand that some may expect fast/instant service. That business model is valid, but not for those who desire something more. Anubeion Creations exists to serve those discerning customers who want something made just for them, with their individual needs in mind, to add to their practice of magic/devotions.