Custom Magical Oils, incenses, and powders

Magical oils, incenses, and powders are used by practitioners in many traditions for purposes such as anointing, blessing, and as augmentation for magical works of many types. They can be used in rituals, ceremonies, to anoint candles and talismans, and to feed amulets, gris gris(mojo bags), or charms. They can also be used to care for deity or spirit statues, as a devotional tool when working with deities or spirits. Planetary and angelic magic, evocation, and invocation are additional purposes.

We presently offer planetary oils, Archangelic/Angelic/Spirit/Intelligence oils, Saint and Loa oils, Gods/Goddess oils, Egyptian God and Goddess oils, Temple, Coven, Grove and special group customized oil blends, Zodiac oils, Elemental oils, Alchemical work oils, Ceremonial and Ritual oils, Sepherothic oils, Tarot Trump/Pathworking oils(Kercher Tree of Life), Seasonal(Equinox and Solstice) oils, and a wide variety of Hoodoo and special purpose oils. In most cases, incense and sachet powders are available to compliment all oils.

Every oil, incense, and powder is made one at a time, by hand; charged with the intent specified by type or spirit, consecrated where appropriate, and at the proper Lunar and planetary time/day/hour if applicable for the specific oil. We take pains to buy the best essential oils, carrier oils, and wildcraft our herbs whenever possible; we buy from botanicas and from businesses run by practitioners and others that grow or manufacture sustainably, using natural products and processes. I reduce the use of synthetics to necessity only, and never use petroleum based products.

If you don’t find the oil, incense, or powder that you need, please contact me at [email protected]. Send your specific need or intent, along with size requirements and any other information. We’ll discuss this and get back with you very soon with a price quote. We do a lot of custom work, and really love creating oils that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Pictured is Dionysus oil.