About Anubeion Creations

Anubeion specializes in creating magical oils, incenses, and powders to meet the individual needs and desires of our clients.  Whether you select from the variety of products on this site, or you have a specific need that is not pictured or not on the product list, we can discuss what your need or expectation is. All of our products are created, hand crafted,  and consecrated/blessed by a practicing Hermetic adept that is familiar with several traditions and has affiliations with others that can assist a customer with other magical needs and products that are not sold here.

We produce our products one at a time, according to traditional magical practices such as Lunar phases and planetary hours, to order. This means that we do not have an inventory of such, and some items may take a while to ship due to the Lunar phase or planetary/magical timing factors. We will let you know an approximate shipping date in these cases. Our products are not mass produced, nor do we use petroleum based agents in their production. We buy the herbs, essential oils, and other products used in the compounding of all of our products from established botanicas, other magical practitioners, and wildcraft or grow our own whenever possible. We create and design each oil/powder/incense,  one at a time, using divination or consulting the spirits for guidance in their design or ingredients; then blessing each of the chosen ingredients as the oil, incense, or powder is made. Afterward, the finished magical oil, incense, or powders are consecrated in our temple, prayed over, and blessed.

What makes our products different? You not only get a powerful magical tool, you get a beautiful work of art, made by an initiated Hermetic Adept that creates an oil/incense/powder that is truly alive. Our products are not just mechanically mixed together. They are designed, created, and ensouled.

Pictured above are oil and incense dedicated to Anubis, as are this site and the Work we do here.