Terms of Use

No products sold on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. All items are curios only and make no claims to diagnose, treat, or cure any conditions.

While these products can assist the customer in a big way to achieve a goal or goals, there is no warranty or guarantee of their effectiveness. The end user assumes the risks associated with use, and Anubeion Creations shall not be held liable for misuse that results in untoward results, injury, illness, or death. It is highly recommended that the end user research the use of magical oils, powders, and incense and evaluate their intended use if they are unfamiliar.This includes not only the general information, but the specific information such as specific compounds listed as ingredients. Knowledge is power. Essential oils, herbs and plants are not innocuous. They are living entities that can have real effects on people. All products are also intended for external use only. Do not consume or use around food or utensils.

These oils, powders, and incense are intended for the use of, and by, adult humans. Please do not treat an ill animal with them, see a veterinarian instead. Keep away from infants and children.

These oils, incenses, and powders are not a substitute for services normally provided by a professional such as a doctor or lawyer. If you are planning magical work that intersects with a condition you might seek professional assistance for, do your footwork first in the material plane along with the magic. Some plants, oils, and supplements do interact with prescription medications. Know what you take and do the research.

Because Anubeion Creations makes products that are specific for the needs of the client, for example, a custom oil; a refund cannot be issued and a coupon will be offered instead if the need arises. This is because no two people have the same needs or intents and thusly what is made to match the needs/intents of one is specifically designed FOR THEM and the results might be unpredictable if someone else orders that same oil.

If you have sensitive skin, please do a skin test with the product that you purchase before using it to ensure that you can use it without rashes or hypersensitivity reactions. Stop use immediately and seek medical assistance if difficulty breathing, welts, itching, or redness occurs with the exposure to the product. Start out usage small, and if there are no untoward effects, increase until the desired effects are attained.

All products on this site are owned by Anubeion Creations. Relabeling or removing the original label from a product to resell as something else made by someone else is stealing…not to mention it isn’t good for you to do such a thing to a magician. It is a connected world, and things do get around.

By purchasing products from Anubeion Creations, you agree to all of these terms and conditions.