Recommended/Useful Links

Doc Solomon’s Occult Curios: Geared towards Solomonic and Hoodoo magic. Everything you need, including the obscure and hard to find items for the practice of Solomonic magic, can be found here. Doc Solomon’s is owned and operated by Hermetic adepts with many years of experience in a variety of traditions. They are also author of several books on magic and an accomplished artistic designer. You can also obtain planetary incense (which I do not sell), and items needed for the Abramelin rite. Every item is designed, created, and consecrated, by magicians, for magicians; very high quality workmanship and great to deal with to boot! Go to

Golden Dawn Shop: Owned by Senior Adepts of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, authors Chic and Tabatha Cicero.   Find magical tools and implements, Enochian Magic Tablets, books and everything you need to do Temple work in the Golden Dawn Tradition. The craftsmanship and artistry of these tools are second to none. They are made one at a time, by the Ciceros; you will notice and feel the decades of experience in their work the first time you use a tool or implement.

Azoth Arts: Get beautiful, high quality robes and accessories, sashes, banners and more for a variety of traditions, including Golden Dawn, Thelema, and others. Whether you need a simple black Tau style hooded robe or a custom design, this is the place to go. Each item is made to order by a practicing Hermetic adept, who has been creating magic with a sewing machine since the 1990’s.

Per-Sabu: This is a wonderful, information packed site dedicated to the Jackal Divinities of the Ancient Egyptian religion. It gives modern Kemetic practitioners a great deal of quality, scholarly information that can enhance their devotions and practice with the deities Anubis and Wepawet. Site was written and  currently maintained by an accomplished Kemetic practitioner that worked with the late author Terence DuQuesne. I am deeply grateful for this well done site, because it gave me the quality information I was hungry for when I started working with Anubis several years ago.

Crossroads Sorcery: Run by two experienced magicians with decades of experience in several different traditions. This site focuses on southern rootwork and conjure. Services such as tarot reading and light setting/prayers are offered, as well as spell kits, mojo hands, and one of a kind scrying mirrors; consultations and other services are offered as well as chicken feet, dried and dressed. I can readily support the products and services, having received a comprehensive tarot reading without the fluff one can find; and I own one of the scrying mirrors. There are many conjure sites on the web, this is one I back 100% because of first hand experience. “High Church, down and dirty” done the traditional way.

Bayou Witch Incense: This is a great online shop that features almost anything you would need, from herb and essential oil to witchcraft supplies to anything. I order supplies from this business regularly, have done so for years, and will continue to do so. The proprietor is an experienced oil and perfume maker for 20 plus years.

Original Botanica: This store is located in New York State, and has been in business since the 1970’s. It has a wide variety of supplies, herbs, oils, candles, statues, and much more. One can find traditional conjure, ATR, curanderismo, and the hard to find item, here. They are great to work with. I order from them regularly, and plan on continuing. They ship promptly, and if there is a problem, the customer service is great. You can’t go wrong here.

Conjure Work: “Hire me, get it done” is how this experienced magician proprietor does things. This shop not only offers conjure and magical supplies, books, tarot cards, herbs, and candles, you will find much more. With many years of experience, the proprietor draws from tarot, geomancy, astrology and NLP training to offer services you can’t get anywhere else. If you are tired of not getting anywhere, try this shop’s Conjure Coaching. You won’t regret it. And if you hire this business, it WILL GET  DONE. I can attest to the knowledge and experience of this magician, having witnessed it first hand. No fluff here.

Azoth Press: A great place to find magical books. Azoth Press specializes in magical books written by magicians, for magicians; with high quality materials that will last a lifetime. Excellent selection and great service, with titles you can’t find anywhere else at a fair price.

Darengo Publishing (UK): Many of the references used by Anubeion in personal work with Anubis were found here. Terence duQuesne was an experienced Egyptologist that did much research on Anubis and the Jackal Deities of Ancient Egypt, and wrote books on them with a high caliber of knowledge and experience. I include it with Recommended Links here, not just because of the quality of the work done, but because of the great service to the community that he gave.