Note to International customers

In some cases, it will take quite a while for your package to arrive. Plan for 5-6 weeks from departure to arrival, or even longer, depending on the destination country. ¬†When your items ship, Anubeion will inform you of the USPS International tracking code, via email. Please note that once it arrives in the destination country, this changes and since Anubeion is not informed of the destination country tracking code, it is difficult if not impossible to give updated arrival time by those means, at least from the US. We advise International customers to check with their country’s postal/mail service and Customs/Border entry.

Thank you.

Up and coming…

Kyphi oil, oil used in Ancient Egyptian temples, to honor gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt

Very soon I’ll be making a new incense, Kyphi, which is popular for night time magic, and in rites honoring the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses. This is an involved process timewise, but is well worth the effort and the incense smells divine! You can already purchase Kyphi oil and powder here on Anubeion.