International customers please note

Anubeion Creations strives to give the best service possible to everyone, regardless of where you live, but cannot be responsible for the shipment once it leaves the United States. Further, Anubeion Creations is not responsible for the actions of the Customs agency in the destination country.

Thank you

Gemstone oils are here!

Amethyst magical gemstone oil

Anubeion is adding gemstone oils to the shop inventory. To date, we have Moldavite, Amethyst, and Carnaelian. More are planned. These are beautiful magical oils with real gemstones and essential oils. Stay tuned!

Shipping policies-Please note

Anubeion Creations is proud to make all oils, powders, and incense tailored to the needs of the customer-specific to the intent and magical goal of each customer and including their name. We do not mass produce any oils and carry no pre made oils in inventory (except for planetary oils and some incense or powder blends). Each product is made when a customer places the order, one at a time, for that customer, in the order that they are received. Because of this, or depending on special needs such as Lunar timing factors or special consecration ritual timing, it may be a week or up to three weeks before the order can be shipped, depending on the needs and number of customers being served.

Anubeion will notify each customer when an order is placed and give an approximate expected day/week/month in which their order will be shipped. Each customer also receives shipping information such as tracking or customs when their order ships, as well as any changes or notifications of delays if any.

Anubeion Creations understands that customers want their orders as expediently as possible and does everything possible to make that happen. Thank you for reading!

Traditional Witches Flying Oils

Traditional Witches Flying Oil

Anubeion has Traditional Witches Flying Oils available, one is named after the God of Dreams, Morpheus; the other is called 4 Souls oil. If interested, send an inquiry to for a quote.

New products!

Rose tincture

Anubeion has been quite busy making new oils and is starting on tinctures! Rose, Yarrow, Oriental Lily, and a duo of Rose and Oriental Lily tinctures are all in the works. The Rose and Yarrow tinctures will be ready in late November and the Oriental Lily as well as Rose/Oriental Lily will be ready in mid December.

New Products in development…

Mandrake love oils

Anubeion has been quite busy developing new and custom oils. In the works are an oil to protect against the Evil Eye, and a sacred healing oil with Blue Lotus flowers and seeds. Stay tuned!

Use of agarwood/lignum aloes products

At least one of the products Anubeion makes contains Agarwood or Lignum aloes resin. This makes a wonderful scrying or spirit summoning incense!

Unfortunately, however, the trees that this comes from have become endangered from over harvesting and big demand.

Because of this, Anubeion sought a vendor that acquired their Agarwood from a source that uses sustainable planting and harvesting. This is the only source that Anubeion is comfortable purchasing from, because we care about what goes into our products, and believe this Agarwood is better than those who use questionable methods or sources.

Thusly, the resin is a bit more expensive, and is reflected in a higher price for the final product. Thank you for your understanding.

Note to International customers

In some cases, it will take quite a while for your package to arrive. Plan for 5-6 weeks from departure to arrival, or even longer, depending on the destination country. ¬†When your items ship, Anubeion will inform you of the USPS International tracking code, via email. Please note that once it arrives in the destination country, this changes and since Anubeion is not informed of the destination country tracking code, it is difficult if not impossible to give updated arrival time by those means, at least from the US. We advise International customers to check with their country’s postal/mail service and Customs/Border entry.

Thank you.