Custom Made Magical Powders

Powders are useful adjuncts to magic. Sprinkling powders can augment the power and intent of hoodoo workings, which include use of powders placed in strategic locations for all kinds of purposes, for example, Hot Foot Powder is sprinkled in the area where a target is expected to walk. Powders can also be blown onto an object that one would like to protect, such as a car, with Safe Travels Powder, combined with magical intent and visualization of a protective shroud.  Lastly, planetary powders can be used as an adjunct in planetary magic, to draw a talisman or sigil,  create a sacred space, in talisman consecration, and in gris gris or mojo bags.

Planetary powders are made with the same herbs used in planetary oils, anointed with essential oils also used in the planetary oils, followed by cornstarch and dye corresponding to the planet. This mixture is sifted and stirred until proper consistency is achieved. Throughout the entire procedure, prayers and intent are stated and the mixture is then blessed.

Pictured is Safe Travels sprinkling powder.